Mindout was built to respond to a global
pandemic that is crippling the workforce,
that is the Burnout Syndrome.

A Mindful Team

Everyday we work together to build the best experience to bring you the help you need to transform, grow and improve your mental health in your work and your life

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Cristina Fraga
Cristina FragaCEO & Founder"I am the founder and CEO of mindout. Mindout was created to be a force for good, a force for the people. Our goal is to help trough the experience I lived, and guarantee that we all tend to a more sustainable life and way of living"
FranciscoCPO"I am graduated in Clinical and Health Psychology with a specialisation in CBT Psychotherapy and graduated in Social and Work psychology. My expertise is in treating patients with burnout, anxiety and depression. I love helping and providing tools to make a difference in people's life. That is why I am mindout's Chief Psychology Officer."
MiguelHead of Design"Mental health needs to be spoken about, needs to be heard and needs to be seen. I’m very excited to help with that last part."
FelipeHead of Development"I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this project focused on mental health. Together, with our dedicated team, we aim to develop cutting-edge technologies and platforms that empower individuals to prioritize their mental well-being and foster a more compassionate and understanding society"


You may have a lot of questions and we will work together
and help you with getting all the solutions. In the meantime,
here are some answers we can give you right now:

1. What is mindout?

mindout is a community based platform specially designed to help you on your journey to
overcome any level of mental health difficulty, specially related to the Burnout Syndrome.

2. How does it work?

mindout works in 3 parallel ways:
1. A community where you can share your experience and absorve others’, relating your
individual journeys with an understanding growing community of mental health advocates,
patients and professionals.
2. Through theMindout Burnout Score you get an objective sence of where your mental
health’s state is and a score is attributed.
3.Your score originates your journey to a better you. With mindout guiding all the way, you
can make this specially designed journey yourself or it can be oriented by certified
professionals, with appointments being facilitated in Mindout’s Oriented Journey Platform.

3. What is the Mindout Burnout Score?

The MBS is the way to rate your level of Burnout. After you answer a 35 quick quiz, you’ll get a
1 to 6 score, from healthy to severely burnt out, respectively. Even reflection professional
counselling is advised in all stages of life, and with all levels of mental health, we created a
journey that which you can work with is you are in the 1 to 4 range. If your score is 5 to 6,
professional help is highly recommended.

4. Does this count as treatment?

The mindout process is designed by certified professionals and we work to bring the best
experience to all our users, but it does not count as treatment. For that, you need the
counseling and guidance of a certified mental health professional.